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Angel’s Paradise program year focus on providing an environment rich in activities and maximizing the emerging development in all areas of growth. This program year reflects activities  already being implemented and activities  proposed.

  •   Language Arts: Assisting in communication development, both receptive (listening and reading) and expressive (writing and speaking).
  •   Mathematics: Using the process if inquiry, investigation, discovery, pattern searching and estimation.
  •   Science: Exploring through the natural and physical world
  •   Arts and Crafts: Giving meaningful, enjoyable experiences with such motor skill with painting, coloring, pottery, etc.
  •   Music: Exploring the art of sound through singing, dancing, listening, and creative movement.
  •   Physical Education: Develop fitness and wellness, experiment with creative movement, active play, games, and sport skills.
  •   Computer Education: Students learn and explore a variety computer skills and programs.
  •   Foreign Language: Learn to communicate in another language through songs and stories.

Learn By Play